Applied for Interview based on beautiful landing page, employee benefits, decent salary, awesome interview questions exchange etc.
First day on the job, just meetings all day,
Second day, saw the product code.

Shittiest code I have seen in my lifetime.

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    It seems very familiar.
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    @kira is this common? I mean, I just have like 3 years experience in Web Dev, but at my last job, the code was godlike. The most perfect Frontend and backend code base I have ever seen or could think of.. They followed this mantra of taking unopinionated stuff and making it opinionated based on product design/requirement.
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    @Lightyaer well, IDK know about others but For us, it always depends on who architect it and who is going to review it before it goes to production. So I have seen the difference in code of the team from two different leads from the same org.
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    Reminds me of my 2nd rant


    This is not uncommon at all. What they have and what they expect are sometimes entirely orthogonal and absolutely ridiculous. It is like the recruiting HR, recruiting manager, interviewer, and the product manager aren't synchronized
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    Ah the old ‘schmick landing page’ trick, oldest one in the book
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