- Think YOU'VE got a personality complex? I'm a software engineer who majored in marketing.
- Think YOU'VE got a phobia about failing? I wrote a book on developing for Google Glass. And tech edited another on Hailstorm.
- Think YOU'VE got self-confidence issues? I had a run of 7 straight rejections by companies in the Fortune 500.
- Think YOU'VE got reservations about flexing your certifications? I held a MCP in FrontPage.
- Think YOU'VE got paranoia about your degree? My MBA's from the University of Phoenix.
- Think YOU'RE a glutton for punishment? I - Think Android Content Providers are a good idea.
- Think YOU'VE got a confusing skill set? A hiring manager told me I was "too passionate about technology to work here at Microsoft".
- Think YOU'VE got issues with intellectual property? I was given a cease-&-desist order for the first domain I registered.
- Think YOU'VE got false bravado? I had over 400,000 followers on Google+.

While all of these are hilarious quips and great social ice breakers, they're all 100% true. Enjoy your day. ;)

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    @Benutzername Ha! Well, I'm fortunate in that my hist outweigh my misses (in volume), but these ARE some pretty egregious facepalm moments. I wear 'em with pride. (I've got no choice.) :p
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    400k followers on Google+? Dang. I only had ~1k.
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    400k followers may sound impressive, but how many blowjobs is that actually?
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    I like the list, but am waiting for the marketing line about how to get lots of followers on youtube. ;-)

    I still have a phobia about my degree though. Mine was from ITT Tech. I valued the experience, but they shut down the place. So mine is from a place that doesn't even exist anymore.
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    @Demolishun Just call it "limited edition".
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    @kescherRant Well, to be fair, I got added to the Suggested User List after I did a live show on Hangouts, when one of the participants was a Google community manager for the platform. It was a productive, positive session, so she pushed me up the chain.

    For 3 weeks, anyone who signed-up for any Google account (Gmail, Gsuite, etc.) was recommended my dorky ass. It was...an experience.
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    @Demolishun No shame there, dude. I've known and have worked with a handful of ITT Tech grads...all were top-notch. Well trained, knowledgeable and friendly.
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    @Fast-Nop Metaphorically? Quite a bit. Share the right post at the right time to the right circle with juuuuuuust the right bit of attitude, and you get lots of action (i.e., shares, comments and +1s). ;)
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    @Demolishun BROOOOOO HELP ME, legit trying to get my loans forgiven because they shut down. 3K in debt later...
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    @jasonsalas So, actually none. ^^
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    I thought Google+ was dead.
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    @rutee07 Very much so. Hence the irony of false bravado. ;)
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    @ScribeOfGoD I went there like 20 years ago.
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    @Demolishun damn lol. I'm trying to get mine forgiven since even if head gotten my diploma it wouldn't be valid according to online sources so there's no benefit to me at all lol
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