I just got a mail from a software company in Denmark that they wanted to hire, because they "analyzed my open source GitHub contributions" and they think I'd be a good Backend Engineer using Java.

What they don't seem to realise is that the only thing I use GitHub for is college projects and 2 Minecraft mods, that I'm only 17 years old and not really in a position to move from the Netherlands to Denmark...

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    How u so be the master in java ?
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    @perix2 I started working with Java when I was 13 years old and I had an idea for a Minecraft mod. So I started learning Java.

    Now 4 years later, I still use it like 3-5 days a week.

    I don't and can't call myself a Java expert, and I'm surprised they did...
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    But pretty cool that they looked at your GitHub 👍
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    Keep doing what you're doing. You're on the right track. But don't get distracted. Study, get better, be a proffesional and getting the job you like wont be that big of a problem 😊
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    I know the firm that does that (know some people there). They pretty much send emails like this to random bithub accounts to get programmers. I got one too.
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    Count your self blessed if you started so early..for me I started soooooooo late and till date I find certain rudiments quite challenging. So keep it up mate.
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    I received that exact email too and I also have some Minecraft mods there. Maybe thats the criteria for their selection :D
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    I got similar mails from companies in Spain and Germany. But as long as they don't mention any of your projects, their probably just random ...
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    Once you're 18, go for it. You may be more capable than you think.
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    No one ever visits my github to offer me a job....
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    Ah yes, got that a week ago as well. One of my friends even got it 4 times :P
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    Denmark? You might as well use Java as your spoken language too. Will work better than Danish.
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    I bet they are simply bots which are scanning Github user's profile (based on their location) and their repositories to match the language in which they want developers. Once they get their match they send a mail to the user on the email id which they find from the git commits.

    I think many job agencies use this tactic.
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    Overachieving can get you places....
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    Personally I would email back and say that you're 17 and asked whether they would be interested in employing you as a remote position rather than actually just moving to Denmark I'll give you the benefit of having a job and not eating to leave home before you're ready.
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    Had the same deal with some Swedish company about my open source POS (Epse/EpPOS) 17 as well
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