>Be a dedicated server owner
>Fuck up and have an issue you do not know how to solve
>Ask us for help

Huh... Okay, fine
>Machine has apt repos from 4 different system releases


Some folk should never decide to admin a machine on their own :|

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    If all of those are Ubuntu || Debian base os repos then yes ... that is terribad. But if those are some specific package repos it's not necessarily that bad - it's not good, but it's not bad if there are no releases for newer Ubuntu || Debian distro releases because the package repo author decided to stop providing those packages and instead switched to Snaps. But it's more likely it's just as you suspect - upgrading done/gone wrong.
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    @theKarlisK when you have 4 different RELEASE repos configured....

    I would simply pull the plug.

    It's usually the terminal stage of a snowflake server.

    Someone just ran dist-upgrade over and over and noone knows what is configured and especially why.

    You've now to unfuck the mystery of 3 release upgrades, maybe unclean (package|config|repo) installation's, missing / changed configuration, maybe leftovers, maybe old packages from non maintained repositories...

    I could continue. ;)

    But all in all, just pull the plug.

    Set up a fresh machine, install necessary software, document and check / fix the fallout.

    Everything else is just denying the fact that the machine can go poof at anytime and noone knows what to do.
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    @IntrusionCM That is actually what we suggested.

    Seeing as it was a "dedicated", not "managed" server (The reason being, managed has our managment in its cost, but no root access), we would have to play a detective to un-fuck the server.

    Funny, boss said the guy used to actually own a managed server, but... Decided to switch. What a fun turn of events.
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    @Aldar was that before or after.. all of *that*?
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    @theKarlisK before, the servers we manage ourselves are, dare I say, pretty clean. And non standard stuff gets properly documented.
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    Did someone say docker?
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