For the one I currently have. Spent about 2 weeks looking to get as much of my PHP skillset in the right place since I knew PHP was their main technology as well as JS, C# and VB.NET, we seldom use them tbh, and it is mostly extension or maintenance stuff, so I focused on PHP.

I was not panicking, I rarely ever do, but my body tends to disagree with my state of mind and I can feel myself trembling in certain situations, such as the interview.

The interview was on Monday and my last day of preparation was Sunday (obviously) so what I did was drank a lot of beer and played videogames, I just wanted to take my mind off things. I was, and have always been annoyingly confident in myself and could not understand why I was feeling so nervous internally.

Everything went away when the manager came to greet me, lovely looking gal with an awesome sense of style and a big smile, we clicked instantly and to this day the place is kinda like my second home, as hectic as it is to work in an institution of this size it is really my peace and quiet zone. The entire I.T department is a big family, before the pandemic we would go to bbqs together all the time, would go to a friend's ranch to shoot shit and just chill, parties and gatherings, it really is a nice place to be at and they take the "we are family" very fucking seriously, I fucking love it. The boss lady ain't here no more, but she recommended me for the position and well, here I am.

I severely hope everyone here finds the same kind of place, there are a lot of assholes in this industry and a lot of places that seem very into the idea of making you absolutely miserable with no chance of leveling up, I know because all other jobs previous to this place was the same way for me.

Have faith, keep them chins up, and don't ever fucking let anyone make you think you are something you are not. You glorious beautiful basterds!

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    Ah, that family kind of feeling at the office. It's absolutely great! Alas, that coin has a flipside: what about the day I decide to move on? (Note: I'm the kind of person who NEEDS challenges, or I get demotivated and effectively stop contributing) It is going to be hard to find another place quite like the company I work at now (we're a small business unit part of a fortune 500 corp) having all the benefits of both a small company and a large corporation, and we spend a lot of good time together.

    Here, I got distracted (again), but it seems to me that oftentimes finding a place that feels like home to work in comes with the price of below avg wages. I don't know about the general consensus, but I'm happy to have that trade-off of not earning as much as I maybe should so that I can enjoy my work AND my surroundings. It has even lead me to turn down job offers with at least double the pay just because I don't want to leave... Yet.
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    @100110111 you're not wrong, I have felt that to be the case, the one exception to me is where i work. My wife keeps saying that I am underpaid, to a point I would agree with her, I do far too much for my institution. But the money is honestly enough, the challenge is there and the place gives me a lot of space to grow and make more money. I honestly can't complain. Plus, my boss, the head of all I.T really is enough reason for me to not want to move to a different place. I really can't complain about the salary one bit, but not even for 200k would I move right now because in every other place I have worked at it royally sucked balls.
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    Sometimes it's other stuff that makes it feel like home. My managers are all kind of dicks and the pay ain't great, but I have 100% autonomy in how I build websites. I don't have to code to enterprise standards, but I don't have to dick around with Wordpress bullshit either. Got my hours down to 32 a week and that leaves more room for being at the job less, which makes it less of a painfull slog and more of a moderate grind.
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