deff not dev related at all

random as fuck enough to warrant some scientific analysis to it tho.

if you is a brown Hispanic and you somehow marry a white chick. It is a damn near close to a T statistical fact that you will not shut the fuck up about it.

Experiencing this with a friend on both fb and Instagram. I swear to high haven, my fb looks like a fucking fan page of all the pictures of his below average looking white wife.

Dude I get it, but please stfu already with this shit.


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    Do you think it's because he loves her that much, or because he fetishizes her?
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    Interesting. Is it like a trophy thing?
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    @N00bPancakes aye, its a thing really, couldn't make this shit up even if i tried
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    @SortOfTested because I know the dude I know it to be the latter. Dude was always raving about getting himself a "white milf" as he would call them back then. Surprisingly enough, chick has 2 kids from a previous marriage, so I am fairly certain that it is because of that.

    I would be cool with it and even happy for him if it weren't because every fucking 30 days that the snooze comes off I see (not shitting you) 10 pics a day of the dude's below average looking wife
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    @rutee07 something like that, I would say so, yes. Specially when you were actually raised in a major Hispanic community.

    I seldom speak Spanish unless I have to. And when I am in Mexico an people hear me communicating to either my family or friends or work related shit on public they all seem to gasp as saying "omg el gringo!" even though myself I don't even look white.

    Hispanics are retarded in that aspect, they glorify everything American/white to an extent. So if you are brown skinned and somehow got yourself some of that vanilla white, they think that you are some kind of God.

    And I really want to see a fellow Mexican try and fucking deny this because y'all know y'alls shitty ass fucking country behaves this way time and time again por que no aprenden pendejos.
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    I didn't want to go so far as to say internalized racism. But it kind of feels like that.
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    @SortOfTested it borders on the idea really, weren't for the fact that I knew this dude to date women of multiple backgrounds, he ain't a bad looking dude and has charisma as well as money. But being that this sort of mentality is prevalent within the community I can definitely see it that way.
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    @AleCx04 Ah, quite similar with Asians especially in our country. Marrying a white person will give you free "congratulations" from random strangers and the assumption that you are lifted from poverty. It's often Asian women with some white guy who got "rich" from currency conversion. But I remember when a brown Filipino man dates a white girl and it was in the news. Lol.

    The funny thing is it's often the white guy bragging about his "catch" when his catch is actually considered pretty ugly in Asia. Works both ways, I guess.
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    @AleCx04 @rutee07
    Not gonna lie, I've never been able to figure that shit out. Though I've never been particularly proud of the stock I come from, so maybe that's my own bias.

    That said, if you guys ever figure out all it takes to kill us is a little sunlight, we're fucked 😋
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    @rutee07 brb moving to asia
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