I don't want to see your 3 minute tutorial on what's new in your site. I watched it in Chrome, but I just happen to be in Firefox today. Also, you pause the tutorial while I switch to a different tab. Fuck you!

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    As someone who recently decided to add such tutorials to their product: sorry you have to suffer because an average user is a dipshit moron.

    The reason is that most users will just close a tooltip with detailed explanation what some checkbox does, ignore the support chat where they could ask about it, do nothing when they find something that appears to be a bug, and then write "nothing works" as the reason for abandoning your product. So unless you pull every trick to make them watch a clip where you explain it, they'll just skip it and then shit on you because "include sample data" checkbox adds sample data for content user didn't provide.
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    I suppose the average user doesn't also switch between two browsers, but damn that shit is annoying. Let's just bring back Clippy. "It looks like you're trying to enter your credit card number in the email field. I can help you with that."
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    @hitko Instructions wrong, dick stuck in fan.
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