apple vs the world...

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    While Apple certainly is better than Sony (Sony is the company that put a rootkit on a mixed-mode audio CD), the comic still is pretty funny.
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    In general this is a great meme format.
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    Sure, Huawei and Samsung on top.
    Suck my hairy balls.
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    Seriously? Huwai & Samsung & Mi (who noting copy from others)
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    This post is brought to you by the Communist Party of China.
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    Huh? Not an apple fan, but isn’t apple worth the most?
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    @LesMore However, since their stuff "just works" I'm pretty sure most of their repair shops have only a screwdriver for removing HDDs and some nerdy looking people telling everyone to buy a new one.
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    @Lor-inc removable storage in an apple product? Is this 2014? Lul.

    Jokes aside this sadly is the truth and/or fixing the product costs es much as buying the thing new.
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    @fuckwit What ever happened with the push to make tech industry make products user serviceable?
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    @Demolishun that would make it "more expensive" and "produce a lot more waste" or some other shitty arguments they think fits.
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    @fuckwit Yeah, sounds like bullshit. Just like the shitty justification to remove an audio jack. The audio jack fiasco has legit slowed down my buying a new phone.
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    @Sunsette your comment made me laugh more than the meme itself. I like u
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    Well, Huawei actually is the world leader in newest gen communication equippment.
    Of course they have the full backing of their government. Too bad, our governments only try to kill all actual research and production in favor of more bullshit jobs...
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    @Oktokolo Isn't the UK removing a bunch of Chinese origin 5G equipment for some reason?
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    @Demolishun apple is sinking a lot of money into fighting against the right to repair
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    Sony at the end ? Well even ignoring all the BS of this "meme" it's wrong.
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    I just realized. Motorola is above Sony ? Ok fuck this shit. I'm not even gonna comment on that.
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    @Haxk20 you just did tho :P
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    Order is entirely wrong, but it’s funny.
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    @Root i normally find the ordering of this particular meme to never be of my personal selection but i still crack up like an idiot every time I see one. My humor is shit and juvenile I know ;__;
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    Yes, and the reason is called USA - better comply with their requests if you want to keep being a member of five eyes.
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