Trying to understand why the last guy who worked on my current project gutted out the framework specific data layer and replaced it with component-level ajax calls

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    Depending on the component I'm not above giving a component a one off api call for a very specific case just in that component ... provided if it is likely to stay there.

    But otherwise wut.
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    @N00bPancakes @sadProgrammer

    If there is a why there is most certainly a lack of descriptive VCS message and documentation.

    Revert of changeset. Unclear intention.
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    Most of the time the answer is time
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    Random guess:

    Sometimes you end up having write some code outside the framework.

    Later on as your framework specific code requires an update you figure ”Why do I even need this framework stuff? Why not consolidate ans do the same thing here as I do outside the framework?”
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