IKEA can't "assemble" a functional website. I spent two days, had 4 checkout attempts and used 2 cards and 3 browsers to get to this stage.

Still beats driving to the store.

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    They make it this way so people get so frustrated they do drive to the store and end up buying more than anticipated 😀
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    IKEA. Keeping the do it yourself spirit going strong.
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    Agreed makes perfect sense, people that aren't carpenters building furniture so it's only natural for people that aren't Web developers to build websites
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    Hi, is it possible to buy quality furniture at a reasonable price. When you understand what you are paying for. And not when you come to a furniture store, and there is no choice, and the price tag is enormous. The quality of materials is terrible.
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    You can't buy quality furniture in a regular store. Since ordinary stores usually only import not very expensive furniture. We bought modern bedroom furniture https://roomservice360.com/modern-b... from this store. The bed we had was probably one of the most expensive purchases. The bed was bought for 5200 , this bed is completely made of solid wood. We also bought the mattress separately. Also don't forget to buy additional lighting.
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