Yayy!! Turns out I won the tech blogging competition in my company! The prize is a brand new set of Sony WH-1000XM3.

Now I have two identical headsets :D

Can't complain though, those are amazing.

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    One for your desk. One for the other side of the desk.
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    @SortOfTested one for me and one for my wifey :)

    EDIT: oh, I see [literally] what you did there :)
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    Out of curiosity, what did you have to do?
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    @rui902 write blogposts? :D

    But seriously, I had to write posts that are to be published in the company's blog. And those were my very first posts. Ever. In my life.
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    Yeah, I got the blog posts, just wasn't sure about the company part

    Thought it was like, whoever posts the best article in their personal blog wins
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    Mine stopped working and all service shops are locked down for covid. monkaS
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    We got them as part of equipment. They sound really nice and you can comfortably wear them for a longer time. But when we used them for confs they tended to catch some feedback and had to be restarted.
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