Fuck... What am i doing with my life... 3years of college down the road learning android and nothing else, currently neither fully graduate nor employed. Can't make an app bigger or more useful than a fucking todo, can't use my skills to earn, Currently earning not even a penny, parents fighting everyday, struggling to make a living , am a fucking waste :'/

Those open sourcing assholes have awesome apps that i want to read, understand and fix their code, but they aren't gonna pay me shit. Plus they were the ones to have the guts to make full scale apps and open sourcing them, i can't make shit without giving them a month. How am i gonna survive 😔

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    Get your graduation somehow and try to get some shitty unpaid internships.
    And remember don't be so hard to yourself. We're living in exceptionally times with this pandemic.

    Also the internet is a great resource of knowledge. Here are some learning platforms.
    EbookFoundation/free-programming-books: Freely ... - GitHub
    MrAlex6204/Books: Collection of Programming, Databases ... - GitHub
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    @heyheni surprised you didn't tell him to take a month off in bora bora or wherever so he can relax and devise a strategy.
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    Your username is ironic
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    Computer classes gives you a scructure and the basics... Think of it as a house foundation.
    The diference if you had spent the same time learning at home is that you have more basics, so you can learn new stuff easyer and adapt.
    The rest comes with experience, but at least your house won't go down in the first storm
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