Junior, junior, junior. I'm like -junior. We want a junior with 3 years experience. How is someone supposed to get to the 3 years experience if there aren't any jobs accepting juniors will no professional experience. I can code, , albeit not professionally, that's why I want a job, to learn in a professional setting, but the junior jobs all want past experience.

Maybe one day. Maybe never. For now I'll just keep rolling on the grind in my shitty factory job. Moving boxes from one place to another with the toughest mental challenge being which way to stack said boxes.

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    In today's world of IT, three years is eternity, I don't know how anyone would be considered junior after that time of active developing.
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    Apply anyway. The worst they can do is say no and waste your time.
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    I remember stacking boxes..

    I also remember still not getting a junior position even though I had 35+ years experience !

    The person who got the job, knew someone in the company, and had zero experience !

    As such, perhaps the answer is to try and network with folk who could pull strings for you and get you a job.

    Maybe find out where some local businesses staff hang out..

    Research who might be suitable people in company X to get to know..

    Maybe the CEO is a keen cyclist..

    Or plays golf. (I hear golf is a good place to network.)
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    > Apply anyway. The worst they can

    > do is say no and waste your time.

    I used to think like that, but after applying for hundreds of positions, I began to notice I was wasting a lot of time !

    One position in particular involved a 2 day interview ! (Still didn't get it, even though I scored top marks in everything they tested me on..)

    As such, I began to research other ways you might get a job, other than through the front door..

    I've learned that Portillo's help, do you have one ?
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    That reminds me, just how are you supposed to get a box off a shelf when its jammed in-between all the other boxes ?
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    @Nanos with a towtruck and a running start.
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    That's assuming the previous use remembered to put the string back..
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