I’ve had a good amount of incompetent co-workers in the past. One that stands out was this junior developer who worked at one of my previous companies. He was incompetent, but that wasn’t even his worst attribute. He was incompetent, and worse, he had a piss-poor attitude.

Myself and a few other devs at the company tried to help him, but he would literally get mad when people tried to help him. Sometimes he would even call one of us over and start getting snarky with us as we tried to help him. He was a piece of shit and a shitty developer. I don’t think he built one complete feature or fixed one bug in the year he was at the company before he was eventually fired.

Oh, and aside from his incompetence and shitty attitude, he had no sense of humor. It was so annoying. My friend and I made a little song based on his name and a group that sounded like his name, and he got pissed. We always used to sing it anyway after that and it always riled him up. I feel a bit bad about that now but he pretty much got mad at everything so whatever.

One of my favorite memories of him is when he was leaving one day, my good friend/co-worker and I were having a Nerf gun battle. The junior was leaving the office, and my friend tried to get him involved in the battle and shot him, but accidentally hit him in the back of the head. He said nothing, didn’t turn around, and just walked out lol. He was not happy about it.

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    I can just imagine the *thwat* of the foam dart softly hitting the back of his head, him pausing for a second, the dart still stuck in his hair, and walking out, dart fully erect in his hair.
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    attitude is the most important thing about a dev. everyone needs to be wanting to learn.
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    @calmyourtities Yup.. The guy I rant about..like a year on my project.. & when he asks for help asking why it doesn't work like he wants it, I ask if he checked the logs, what is actually sent in as arguments... & he's like oh, forgot about that.. o.O
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    Same situation at the very moment. But not to the extreme. Some people just have a high ego and don't want to be helped when it's obvious that your method works better than his/her.
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    😳dfox is a bully! Im shocked!!! 😬
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    Rants with happy ending are the best 🤣
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    I hope he knows about devRant, who created it and that he read this rant
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    I feel you. Someone may know shit about development. All right. Someone with such a bad attitude? Com'on, how are we supposed to get things done? That sucks.

    I like the part where you admit your bad feeling about the bully part. Also did this and not proud about it.
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    He won't make it far with those skills. Good devs learn every day even from those with less experience, it's why I like this line of work.
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