Been applying for jobs lately and despite the years of experience and using the latest toys I’ve been finding it harder than ever to even get a positive response to my CV. One thing I’ve been noticing is that companies seem to now not care so much about frontend skills and more about complex algorithms when the role is ui focused, or to have a demand for dev ops experience. Are we really getting back to the days of thinking that jack of all trades can be experts in everything?

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    Whatever is on the posting, should appear on your resume in some form or fashion. It should be at least 70% of the resume contents, and appear before things that aren't. Tailor each resume to the job posting.
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    @SortOfTested all the job postings are basically the same: someone with experience in react, redux, styled components, etc. it’s a bit insane creating a different cv for each and every job application.
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    Yep. Too many people who know nothing making all the decisions.

    Make companies, don't promote the incompetent. When someone becomes incompetent, move them back to where they were competent. Only way to solve the issue.
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