What you guys think, if there is new software to be made what it should be or what field it should address?

Feel free to add rough ideas also.

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    Software that makes software so we won't have to anymore?
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    "It would be so great of like, it could do things like that, and then, and then when you press that button it does what you want and like it has no bug at all

    That would be nice, yeah"
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    A website where you fill the form about yourself and a day after you’re dead
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    Software that decides what software you want to write next
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    @uyouthe death website
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    I think every field always needs new software.

    And if I find a field where no one had built any software its ether because its not required or wanted or I would do it my self instead of giving away a potential gold mine ;)
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    Its just a discussion what you all think about software future and kind of software we can see in future, as you all are tech enthusiasts i want to see your view in this field, as what you all think is the future of this industry. Thia post it to just trigger thinking process in all you guys, i would be happy if anyone introduce new software, after giving a thought on this rant, its not necessary to share any idea. This rant can unite similar thinking guys out there, and i would love to see future colab and new softwares. ✌️
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