A weird thought popped up in my mind this morning. I thought about buying an iPhone.

Please rid me of this weird notion.

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    You, good sir, need professional help.
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    If you're fine with someone else making decisions for you, then go on, buy one. Otherwise get something with Android.
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    Just send me all your money via Western Union. That should do the trick.
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    100% of people who own iPhones end up dead
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    Go go go
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    Just say no!
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    @AlmondSauce 100% of people end up dead
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    @kamen It's a well known fact that Android users never die.
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    The Apple privacy policy is significantly better than every single one in the Android world.

    They even say they protect your privacy instead of outright telling you they collect and store and sell your every action.
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    @Root dafuq have you been smoking? Privacy is the strong point of Android. On xiaomi, for example I can uninstall all system apps without root and replace them with open source versions. Also let's not forget of custom ROMs
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    With iOS 14 I'm starting to feel the same. But absolutely not until it's USB-C.
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    @REXTON yes you *can*, but it's not supported and compromises the security of your device in other ways, and it's basically not Android at that point - the Android ecosystem is so baked into Google's services and data collection
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    @AlmondSauce I am one, but I'm not relying on that.
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    Long time iPhone user here. They both have their concerns, just at different levels. I recently thought about switching back to android , but...

    - Samsung puts ads in the dialer app.
    - Google spies on app usage to determine which app to make next and corner the competition.
    - Apple screws developers out of money with their policies, and listens to "Siri" conversations

    ... and if that isn't enough, the phone company charges you for service, then sells your usage info (and location) to advertisers.

    So, I pick the iPhone, a phone without built-in ads, one that's reliable, and doesn't let rogue apps hijack my lock screen. You might pick android, and that's cool too. In the end, I miss my dumb flip phone without GPS most days.
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    @pxeger depends on what you consider to be 'secure'... I'd trust more an open source system like lineage os rather than some proprietary garbage like what Samsung has and especially what Apple has...
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    @REXTON I considered Graphene for a long time. Decided against it because I didn’t want to get a Pixel phone because it’s google hardware running google firmware and google “security” chips.
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    @Root very weak argument... You make it sound like pixel was your only choice...
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    @REXTON It has the best support by far.

    I don’t want to fight with my phone. I just want it to work. That’s the very reason I don’t want e.g. a PinePhone.
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    @devphobe What about in-app ads? I think those still exist on iOS and aren't as trivial to block as they are on a rooted Android. What about VPN/DNS-based blockers? I assume it's easy to set up one, but would it work reliably?
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    @REXTON Your android privacy comment:
    Yes, this is IF you choose a device which supports this. And if you're not tech savvy you're fucked. Also, Xiaomi recently got caught doing quite some spying through their own browser...
    Most android devices have vendor android versions with Google shit installed and that's outright malware, basically.

    (AOSP/root android user here)

    As for your grapehe/pixel comment, when it comes to grapheneos, their official supported devices list only contains pixel devices so she's got a great point there (and the reason why I don't use it either)

    For the record, I'd never buy a fucking iPhone because iOS is proprietary so we can't verify shit.
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