Death Sentence for devs who won't let you unsubscribe from newsletters without logging in

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    How can you unsub if you don't own the account? Do you have to go through the password reset?
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    @alexbrooklyn you have access to the mail account it was sent to, and anybody could register you for a newsletter.
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    I think that's OP's point. For example, I got my gmail account in 2004, when they first came out, so it's really short. So I have a user name that is the basis for lots of other account names. Because of this, I get mountains of emails sent by people who were either misinformed about the address of someone, or were careless when they entered it. As such, I get signed up for lots of, "legitimate" spam, and I often cannot unsubscribe since doing so requires logging in. So all I can do is either call, which isn't going to happen, or mark the emails as spam.

    This is actually a big reason I got a fastmail account.
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    @p100sch @bahua I was a bit vague with my comment, I was just saying that it's extremely stupid to have to sign in to unsub if you don't own the accoun
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    Maybe not death sentence, but something. Build a small pyramid.. 72x72 base
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    Death sentences for whomever is responsible for (willingly) making unsubscribe links not work.
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    @Root Yeah, those 4 redirects that points to a 404. Fuck them
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    @alexbrooklyn I do have the password, but just the fact that I have to login instead of just clicking an unsubscribe link annoys me
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    And who said it was a developer's decision?
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    Wtf?! Does that even exist?

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