I keep a 20 year old PS/2 keyboard around specifically for that rare event I need to edit my bios settings. My mobo doesn’t enable usb until half a second after it stops listening for input because who uses usb keyboards, anyway?

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    Would a ps2 to USB converter properly work?
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    You guys have PS/2 ports?
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    @jespersh I've got a prehistoric piece of shit the other day that has specs worse than an RPi lol
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    What's the mobo? I feel it should have a setting for when to init the USB.
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    Maybe some ports get initialised sooner?
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    Ps/2 has NKRO as a fucking default while usb nopes our when you press three buttons at the same time. But at least I can plug it in without restarting the whole computer, yaaaay
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    > Would a ps2 to USB converter properly work?


    I tried a bunch of them, not very reliable.

    I keep one of these for those times I need one, it has a handy built in trackerball:
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    @uyouthe Many modern USB keyboards have NKRO too, although I fail to see where more than 4 or 5 keys held down at the same time would be useful, even in gaming.
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    @kamen I know. I’m talking about NKRO by default. You don’t even have to think about it, you buy any keyboard and NKRO is there
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    Support what ?

    Do you mean the trackerball ?

    The keyboard comes with 2 x PS/2 connectors, one for the keyboard, and one for the mouse / trackerball, eg. the trackerball appears as a mouse to whatever it is plugged into.

    Or do you mean, a PS/2 keyboard has to support a PS/2 to USB converter ?
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    If they are passive, why do all of the ones I've tried, stop working randomly ?
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    All I know is I got one of every model out there to test, and they all sucked !

    What sucks even more, is my current MB which only has USB keyboard plugs/support, and that doesn't work at all well when in the BIOS !

    Reminds me when I tested every single RS232 PCI board on a previous MB to find none of them worked !

    Eventually after many many years I hear about the motherboard and a PCI compatibility issue.

    Eg. unless the RS232 card was designed for the first generation PCI Motherboards, it would never work..

    But as I'm not aware of anyone ever making one of those, I'm a bit stuffed !

    Of course, it would probably work in my new MB, if only I had a spare slot.. (2 graphic cards cover up all the other empty slots..)

    So lesson there is, get a motherboard with a huge number of slots, far more than you might want, in case you need a spare one !

    Yes, I know they do PCI slot extenders, but the space is so tight, one of those won't fit !

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    There is apparently a single USB to RS232 dongle that does work. (Expensive at some $100..)

    Of course, I've only tested all the cheap $5 ones and they don't work..

    Anyhow, I wonder if anyone does a PCI to PS/2 card ?

    Oh look !


    Now, if only I had a spare slot to put it in !!!
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