Somewhere in the svalbard vault where github buried all our code is about two hundred megabytes of pictures of my ass and other pornography stenographically hidden in innocous pictures hosted on github. Why? Because I can.

I did the same thing with stock photography back when I used to be a photographer. If you've used pixabay or a dozen other stock sites theres a good chance you've unwittingly looked at my magnificently sculpted ass (and other parts of me).

Future shenanigans include massive (and unsolicited) deliveries of half finished dildos (courtesy of dildo factory dumpster rejects), public accesible blue tooth speakers put in inaccesible spots, deepfakes of opposing politicians banging uglies, public book burnings not because we hate books but because who the fuck reads anymore?

And orgies, lots of orgies.

Its the end of the world. Let loose with the craziness and party.

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    Welcome to sexrant.com
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    @Bybit260 lololol. it is filed under random for a reason!

    genius idea. dibs on the domain!
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    I’m okay with all but the book burning. That will get you tied to a stake amidst your own atrocity.
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    @Root what if we burn scientology books?

    it'll be like a potluck, everyone brings something.
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    @Wisecrack The only books I’d burn are those by Karl Marx.
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    @Root karl marx's greatest observation was that on a long enough timeline every system turns to shit.

    it just so happens that communism turns to shit way faster than finance capitalism!

    unfortunately the turn over of generations retains no memory. hell isnt simply other people, hell is *other people with ideas*.
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