If you think that you don’t get enough fame and GitHub stars for what you do, just remember that LonelyGirl15 once was the most popular YouTube series. Have you even heard of it though?

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    I saw a yt documentary on it, weird shit
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    I have heard of it, so
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    Meh, if fame is what you're after you're in the wrong profession.

    If GitHub stars are what you're after then... well, they can be "purchased" if you care that much, but personally I find them kind of meaningless 😊
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    Plot twist @AlmondSauce has few repo's with 100+ stars
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    @buglesscoder how is that a plottwist? He just doesnt care about stars whether he had 1 star or a million stars on his repos.
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    @Codex404 I disagree. The more stars u have the more u are motivated to keep up the work.
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    @zemaitis I disagree, I don't mind if my project has 0 stars or 100, if I like the project I'll keep working on it, if I don't I don't.

    If it has 100 stars you might feel obliged to keep spending time on it even though you don't want to.
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    @zemaitis That's very personal. That may motivate you, but it wouldn't motivate me one bit.
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