I have an HTTP joke, if I POST it, you cannot GET it

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    @AleCx04 You're putting in that work man lmao
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    Kong did that to me once.... mostly because I forgot kong existed..
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    @Stuxnet it pains me to find another patient. But this is my true calling.

    To the op, I offer special counseling in regards to helping people distinguish between cringe and non-cringe jokes/sentences/feelings/general items. Do not feel this as an attack, this happens to all of us, and some of us have not gotten past that stage. You are not alone, our free support groups are here to help and the only benefit I get from this is the idea and feeling that I got from helping someone else move past cringe inducing bs into becoming a productive and coherent member of society.

    We are here for you buddy.
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    DELETE this
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    Sry but I don't have any other OPTIONS. I will GET a gun, PUT it in a box and POST it to you. So you can shoot yourself in the HEAD with it. Enclosed you will also find some bandaids to PATCH that wound. /s
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    oh wow that's highly intellectual to TRACE
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    It should be 403 FORBIDDEN to make jokes where even the smallest traces of humour are 404 NOT FOUND.
    POSTs like this are 406 NOT ACCEPTABLE, and should be 301 MOVED PERMANENTLY to reddit or other platforms that are supposedly 201 CREATED for exactly that kind of text. There, that could be 202 ACCEPTED but here, texts with 204 NO CONTENT except a PLAIN html joke are 405 NOT ALLOWED -.-
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    Status code 404
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    Then what's is my OPTIONS to PATCH my incomprention
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    Im a teapot thanks you have nice day
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