The problem with Linux... It's stable, you can get exactly the desktop experience you want out of it, BUUUUT, there's always an urge to tinker a little more, then you break everything and it takes hours to fix

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    But once youve done a mistake you wont do it anymore
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    OR you want to tinker and you want to tinker and you want to tinker...
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    Tinker or die. Just a few weeks ago I broke my Linux kernel. So much fun 🤓
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    See I was running a stable version of Ubuntu. My inner Arch took hold, a week later and it's still not 'right' how I want it.
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    Gentoo for tinkerers!
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    It is better for me to know that I caused that problems and I should not be angry. Not as in Windows, where I have random errors with no clue what caused it.
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