My most painful coding error?


#Clean built bin dir before re-compiling
rm -rf ${APP_PREFIX}/bin

make compile

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    pahahaha so you deleted the fucking whole /bin folder...
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    Tag: whatcouldpossiblygowrong
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    I screamed when I realized what would happen
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    Oh no.
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    half a year back something similar happened to me, when i tried so make some scripts for automating stuff. Except it didn't clear the bin folder. It tried to clear all folders on /, most of them successfully..
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    All gone. 🤭
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    Pro bash tip, from my hard lesson:

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    @devphobe you are not alone.

    Pokes the bumblebee driver devs (Nvidia optimus under linux)

    They had a similar issue, but wiped
    /usr which is pretty more fucked up.
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