When working with hardware some mistakes can be literally painful. Thankfully this was all during undergrad and I'm only around computer hardware now lol.

>Misprogrammed a software kill switch so a sensor that should not have been sending data was actually sending data which caused the system to activate a piston that went WHAM! into the face of a teammate working on replacing some part of it...

>Misprogrammed a controller so it drew too much power from the supply and the puny supply wires literally burst into flame and fell across my arm.

>Spun a 9000rpm CNC spindle the wrong way and caused an attached screw to go rocketing upwards instead of downwards and almost break the (pretty expensive) thing (uh...we were trying to use it as a power screwdriver essentially but I set the rpm to about 100x what I wanted and the direction wrong so yeah).

>Switched a -1 with a +1 in a robot's control system sending it careening into a teammate's leg... let's just say mecanum wheels are paaaainful.

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    You can say that hardware is... hard.
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    q: what's worse and more dangerous than Skynet?

    A: skynet programmed by @RememberMe
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    @Midnight-shcode imagine getting whacked in the face by your automatic car door or having yogurt squirted over your shirt at the local fruit-and-yogurt store instead of into a cup, that's the kind of thing that would happen if I made skynet.
    Terminators? Pfeh. The production facility would attach an arm to the neck joint and all the poor malformed bots would run around in circles because their gps sensors were wired to bluetooth.
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    @Haxk20 lolol. use a buck converter ffs, that's what they're for. You'll get much higher power efficiency too. Also relays switch very slowly compared to the transistors in a switching converter so you're going to need really aggressive filtering for that.
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    @Haxk20 2...kilovolts. at 2AM. Using an Arduino and relays.

    M8. That's insanely dangerous. At that voltage you should be using specialized equipment. Those must be some heavy-ass relays lol. Unless the power supply can't maintain 2KV under load?
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    @Haxk20 that makes a lot more sense lol. I know some guys who work at a HVDC tech lab here and they regularly work with insane voltages (but with supplies that can deliver insane currents too) so I was a bit concerned heh.
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