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    And this fucker starts updating
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    *holds power button*
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    Oh, no, what's that, an extra 30 seconds?
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    @Floydimus everyday I wake up in bad mood I remember that at least I use Mac and not windows for like two years already and it makes me feel better
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    Also, it's handy to have a shortcut that does this or to use access keys (Win+X -> U -> U) - this way at one point it becomes muscle memory and you stop even thinking about it. I have for example Win+Esc mapped to trigger Sleep - difficult to hit accidentally, easy to hit when I actually want to.
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    I just let it sleep by closing the lid
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    @Floydimus oops there goes gravity.
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    @Floydimus gravity is a government conspiracy to stop us looking too closely at the birds (which are obviously 5G coronavirus relay beacons).
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    @kamen gotta love those obscure commands. Back in the days of msn and xp, made a few people shutdown their computer with Win, U, U....good times.

    When you could trick someone that doing that would make Bill Gates pay you....how the human race as a whole has not progressed since lol
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