I don't think "main" is the best replacement for "master" on GitHub, I mean Git already uses branches so why not continue with the whole tree analogy and call it the "root" branch?

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    I call my masters "prod," since it relates more directly to the actual environment in use.
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    The root isn’t a branch, though.

    You could go with the old term and use “trunk” — but let’s be honest, nobody ever liked it.
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    Pros and master don’t always line up, though. In fact, master should almost always be newer.
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    @Root I think trunk would be fine. Tbh I don't see how "master" is a strong slavery reference. When I hear "master" i think of Jedi Master, Kung Fu master, etc..
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    @pythondev I think “master recording”
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    Sure, it's not a hundred percent, but it'll do in my case.
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    Trunk master race
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    Main root actually exists in trees though
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    I must say that even though I like "root" a lot more than "main", I utterly despise this crappy move of terminology replacement in the industry rather than trying to address the real issues.

    In particular, this GitHub move is like a bad joke to me. Personally, I would only do this if I were a white supremacist punk who wants troll the black people rights movements, dilute their struggle, and shrink their cause to games of words.

    It's unbelievable! It's almost a parody!
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    I really couldn't give a rat's arse what it's called, so long as it's consistent.
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    You know who's really fucked now? Mastercard.
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    And, of course, you get to pick.

    We don't have to all agree on the same name, thankfully. It'd be like indentation style wars all over again.
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    Because fuck microsoft
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    @hashedram Github has been SJW infested since long before MS bought it. With full-blown anti-male sexism and anti-white racism.
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    I will still call it master.
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    I usually hit my keyboard with my head and chose what it's on the screen as my default branch.
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