"I want visibility in the sprint", "Information for everyone! When you do even a small refactoring, you should add a card to the sprint, clear?"
Those were the words of the product manager.

That sounds reasonable but when there is a bug to investigate, he just pops to the chat channel throw a request with a bit of information and asks to check/fix that.

So to keep my sanity, I asked him to create a ticket with relevant information and additional observations so we can have visibility as he was advocating for it ;)

It felt just good to see him going silent :D

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    Andjust in case they claim its no time or whatever just say its for reference and documentation so others know what and why it was changed and do not reintroduce the bug
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    @Voxera that's a very good point, thank you for sharing :)
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    It really is good for tracking work and documentation of changes.

    As I tell myself every time I fail to do this.
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    If I did this, I would spend just as much time in trello as my editor, and that’s not cool.
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