Finally, the time has come!!!!

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    That developer will quickly learn the importance of composition over inheritance.

    A friend of mine works extensively on hospital software & databases -- things like "hairline fracture on left hand 6th finger (postaxial polydactyly)" have lead to many late night discussions between us about the shortcomings of code & databases, and how we try to classify and categorize the real world into artificial hierarchies.

    I mean, humans for example have a pretty strong opinion on where their physical form "stops" and "the outside" begins. But we don't consider ourselves a different person after a heart transplantation. When we eat a sandwich and absorb its molecules, we don't consider the human body to consist of 2% sandwich. Over the course of years, we replace the majority of the molecules in our body -- even the connections in our brain aren't static. Yet we describe ourselves as one, continuously existing, pretty much unchanged being, regardless of how much we change.
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    But that does mean that any code & database data modeling is more geared towards requirements than reality.

    You would only keep state change on nail length if applicable to your application -- and even so, probably only as a number.

    Chromosomal Intersex classifications are a DBA's nightmare (or wet dream, depending on exactly how much you love data modeling)

    Edge cases break OOP badly.

    Dog extends Animal

    MesodiniumChamaeleon extends AutotrophousPlantAnimals

    GastrodiaKuroshimensis extends MycoheterotrophousCleistogamousPlantFungi
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    @bittersweet 2% of your body weight is a pretty damn big sandwich.
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    @kamen Stop judging me, we all dream of giant sandwiches.
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    @bittersweet I'm not judging you, I'm just trying to picture eating a 1.5 kg sandwich in one go.
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    @bittersweet the 'sandwiches' in How I Met Your Mother come to mind. Those really looked like 2% body mass sandwiches.
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    @eeee Imagine what "sandwiches" these were equivalent to.
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    Oh wait, that’s not twitter. Totally forgot about that.
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