Should i join stackoverflow.. or devrant is good enough

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    They're completely different things.
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    Hi there. devRant is indeed not about solving your programming problems! so yeah go ahead and get that stackoverflow account.
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    @heyheni devRant is all about emotional support when you are enraged at that half witted rat who bugs you for silly code when they fail to understand the design and business requirement and how fuCKING BADLY YOU WANT TO PUNCH THEM IN FACE....

    BTW hey man.. how are you? :)
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    @M1sf3t u mean not now..
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    @heyheni am just the beginner to programming... What should i do
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    @shivv Quit when you can...
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    @Floydimus that sounds good
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    You don't need a Stackoverflow account. Just use a search engine because as beginner, your questions have already been asked and answered long ago. Your questions would be closed as duplicate, and your account would be suspended. Rightfully so.
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    @Fast-Nop tqs sir.. i didn't knw that one.. really tqs i was about to create an account there
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    @M1sf3t that's a great idea tqs..😀
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    devrant is like sex, feels just right

    stackoverflow is like anal-penetration through an big black man in YOUR ASS

    choose wisely
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    @shakur You've just chased off @rutee07 to SO.
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    @shakur 😂😂
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