Should i join stackoverflow.. or devrant is good enough

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    They're completely different things.
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    Hi there. devRant is indeed not about solving your programming problems! so yeah go ahead and get that stackoverflow account.
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    @M1sf3t u mean not now..
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    @heyheni am just the beginner to programming... What should i do
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    @Floydimus that sounds good
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    You don't need a Stackoverflow account. Just use a search engine because as beginner, your questions have already been asked and answered long ago. Your questions would be closed as duplicate, and your account would be suspended. Rightfully so.
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    @Fast-Nop tqs sir.. i didn't knw that one.. really tqs i was about to create an account there
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    @M1sf3t that's a great idea tqs..😀
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    @shakur You've just chased off @rutee07 to SO.
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    @shakur 😂😂
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