Hi all. I'm new here. I hope I'm in the right place to ${whateverReason} with ya all.

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    Just post memes in the joke/meme section, the rest is all good
    Have fun
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    Yes you are, Frogstair has already stated the importan stuff.
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    That depends... Are you here for the orgies and occasional profound discussion on rum based cocktails?

    If so, yes, you are in the right place. Welcome!
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    Welcome! 🍹
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    @@Jilano That too. I love Cuba Libre 🤗
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    Don't forget, devrant tag is only for devrant related topics and not for Dev rants. Whit that and the joke/meme advice you already received, you should be good to go.
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    Hi New here, I am Floyd..

    BTW guys where's Alice?
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    @Floydimus Last time I saw her she was tweaking her IoT-Toaster in the kitchen
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    @p100sch #devrant works just fine for hellos, silly.
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    @Floydimus Long gone. Came back temporarily a while back, but was always very clear it was temporary.
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    @Root just reminding him before ho offends. It is not that clear on first glance after all.
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    @Jilano dafaq how she do that?
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    @Floydimus Who knows! Her mind is impenetrable! (As opposed to @rutee07's butt)
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    @Jilano *wears a rubber protective*

    Bravo Six going dark...
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    @Floydimus "Wait... I can see some activity around here... Oh my god! Run! Run for your life...! Aaarrgggh"

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    @Jilano I am into DSBM and not BSDM
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