do the right thing for what users thinking~

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    Most users are indeed too dimwitted to realize you're making them look at anuses!

    Or was that not the intended message?
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    Users are terrible at knowing what they want or what they do.

    My first individual project the customer hated everything about what I demoed them.

    I told them I'd revise it and it would be ready for them to try on their own the next week, but I forgot to merge the changes that week and they spent the week on the same old code.

    End of week we had a meeting and I was ready to apologise... but couldn't because they said the loved the (non existent) changes ...

    Never told them that nothing has changed... they're using that app still today.
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    Its not necessary hiding some bugs or unrelated requirement but most of them(user) just think about the result cmiiw
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