Maybe not the worst but the worst one I can remember for sure and it happened recently. I may or may not have spent 4 hours with another developer working out why my script didn't work.. to realise that I had swapped the underscore in a method name for a period. No wonder everything came back undefined when I was dotting into a method that didn't exist 🤦🏻‍♀️ my only highlight was that the more experienced dev was there with me and he also couldn't find it for all that time lmao. I did briefly contemplate calling my University and asking them to just take my diploma back, I don't deserve it lmfao

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    We've been all there.

    This moment whery everything seems surreal because it shouldn't be possible....

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    happend to me on my trial working day.

    I debugged my vagrant setup of that day, couldn't find the fkn problem. told the chief of the boat that and for me next few hours, we debugged the shit together out of that thing.

    I thought I would get the job.
    Didn't expect the call 2 days later that I made it.

    that happend 3 years ago.
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