Hi, everybody. I'm a software tester, and I'm dreaming to be a developer. Was dreaming... Week ago I have lost my passion totally. About 1 year or more, everyday I woke up at 4:00 at the morning to start coding, reading books, solving problems in Android development, and now I feel that I've lost my passion. I feel that mobile development is disgusting. I'm trying to start with Machine Learning, JavaSript frontend development, Python, Java and Spring and everywhere I realise that I have to learn a lot to get a job. I see a lot of ways, but I really don't know what way to choose. I'm lost. I want to die.

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    Woooahhh, you're learning too much! Pick one language + javascript! Or even just javascript if there are node jobs where you live!
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    Take it easy man, learn JS focusing on patterns, object orientation and the functional aspect of the language. Forget the DOM and even Node for a while. You soon will be able to program interesting stuff, and from there you can start looking into frameworks or other languages such as Python

    The path of learning is very rough and filled with obstacles, but nothing is more satisfying than learning something for real, dominate it from inside out, left to right.

    Also, you don't need to be a master to land a job in the area. Whenever I present my JS skills to other people from my job they say "you know much more than the frontend guys".. And I have been learning slowly but steadily since February this year..We all have the impostor's syndrom from time to time, don't worry.

    Anyways, good luck, if you want help give a shout.
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    I suggest you start from the lowest abstraction language and work you way up, start by learning C. It will teach you about memory structures, the heap, the stack etc. And it will teach you imperative programming, then move on to Java or C# to learn objective oriented programming. By then you pretty much know C++ aswell. This will give you a solid foundation for anything.

    (And yes I know there are lower abstraction languages than C)
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    I was like that last year, I found myself on an endless 9 years loop of IT jobs that was killing me faster than McDonalds , but out of nowhere I got a dev job and got my life back.

    Hold tight and never let go, you will also find your way, specially if you are that dedicated.
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