Signet, the google auth library, is somehow throwing a DivideByZero error, despite the only math in the file being linear back-off (`sleep retry++ * 0.3`). Also, the line it’s getting thrown on very specifically throws an entirely different error: a Signet::AuthorizationError.

What is even going on?
Also this worked yesterday.


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    If we're guessing, I'd assume that the default value for the datatype is zero, something in configuration or request payloads is preventing the value from getting set, and then for some reason devolves to {some value}/{default value}

    Dependencies are great 😇
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    You on nightly release or what?
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    @spongessuck @root is a hard worker. She busts out code like the hulk busts jaws
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    @superposition I know about @root, don't worry.
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    Maybe it's an exception they used for "this should never happen", but it did
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    @root Any progress?

    I'd guess an unexpected response flew in...

    and if it worked yesterday.....

    weeeeellllll.... a response is shady. it stabs you in your back when you least expect it.
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    @IntrusionCM Just started for the day! I’ll post what I figure out.
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    I couldn’t narrow it down at all, and ended up fixing the sink by replacing the house.

    I eventually clobbered all of the gems, reinstalled Ruby, bundler, all project gems, and reran the database setup script that drops and recreates everything, runs migrations etc., inserts seed data, and does other project setup steps. After that, everything worked as expected again.

    Five hours of my life gone.
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    When all else works theres always /dev/null.
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    Now I’m diagnosing another google issue:

    I’m sending them an updated wallet pass, and they’re rejecting it. Yet it gets updated within Google Pay. Eh?

    Error: Failed successfully!
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    @Root sounds fun.
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    Google SDK's and API's sort of suck and there examples are the worst. Docs are hard to read. I think they do it on purpose.
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    @superposition This codebase is pretty crap, too. It’s been upgraded all the way from Rails 2.x, so there are lots of stale areas and quirks and subtleties.
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