What is your least favorite Website "feature" ?

Mine is those off page menus that slide in from the side. They lag like crazy and freeze the entire site. God forbid if click the menu button more than once. Forbes places comments on the off page sidebar which is just pure hell.

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    The "door slam". You visit a site and before you get a chance to absorb anything from the page, you get a full screen ad or modal pop up (usually for a survey). I can't understand why site owners don't get how counter productive and infuriating these are.
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    Also for me the door slam, but for sake of discussion I will present my hate for carousels.

    Of any kind.

    Let me see what I actually want and not that chunky thing that changes when I'm reading and don't let me go back!
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    @Etrunon Just for you (if you don't already know about it): http://shouldiuseacarousel.com/
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    @samk epic xD event thought I felt frustrated for a bit xD
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    Automatic music
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