I haven't got in for a while but dude, I want to rant.
This guy originally wanted a simple online shopping system, with the "cart" sent to WhatsApp. No big deal, most of it was done in 2 days.
Then he wanted geolocation so the app would show you the nearest sites. Sure, why not. I had never worked with something like that so it might be worth it to try and learn.
Then he wanted custom URLs. It took me a little but this wasn't in the plans...
Then a copy of the system but focused on workers instead of products.
And another for big providers.
Then an integration with a delivery service.
And more in the following weeks...
Dude. WTF, I was only paid some weeks and he keeps adding and adding stuff. All at the same time while the first still didn't have the final design. It's been 3 months.
I hate this kind of guys. I didn't know the kind but now I hate them.

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    did you send him the bill allready?
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    I wouldn't mind a tracking system that automatically learns, per developer, based on a brief description, how long it takes them on average, so it can automate spitting out quotes and confidence intervals for delivery time.

    Wonder how difficult that would be to make.
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    maybe use tweet-length task descriptions, bag of words/1 hot vectors. do simple classification for starters, regression.
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    Send bill before you finish the project....
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    If you're billing and he's paying, sounds like a great gig to me
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