I dont knw why this blue line popped up on my screen. Its very irritating ... wanna get rid of it

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    @M1sf3t i cant afford another one...😞😞
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    @M1sf3t how is that in any way related?
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    My money is on a busted LED, it's the equivalent of a dead pixel.

    Time for a new monitor.
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    @shivv Does that vertical bar always stay, i.e. also when you open applications at that position? Like, a browser?

    Did you try unplugging and replugging the signal cable on both of its ends?
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    It’s just the 80col marker.
    Make sure your lines don’t go past it.
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    @Fast-Nop yes it appears in every application.. ill try reconnecting the cables...
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    @C0D4 yeah i think the same too
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    @Root this actually made me laugh! Thanks Root!
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    I think you need to give this woman a ring, she can work wonders with defects.
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    The thin blue line
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    @munabedan yeah...
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    Things you could try, which come with some degree of risk, eg. could make things worse !

    Turn it upside down.

    Flex it a little from corner to corner.

    Drop it screen side down onto a flat hard surface from about 3cm.

    Massage very gently with your fingertip along the line the screen without pushing so hard you damage it.

    Try it with another computer, in case its your graphics card. :-)

    You probably want to do that one first..

    What resolution and refresh rate is it running in, and what kind of connection does it use, HDMI 1.4 ?
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    https://www.freecycle.org for free stuff.

    Ebay can be pretty cheap for 2nd hand monitors, I got one for $1 !

    If you can't afford $1, setup a GoFundMe page and one of us I imagine will throw you $1.


    Actually, you might want to ask for $2, since about 50% goes in taxes I hear..
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    @Nanos thanks brother ..
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    @shivv je te prête les dos?
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    Create a 1920x1080 image with one color that matches the line color. Set it as desktop wallpaper and viola! Line is gone forever (only works on desktop)
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    @hack hahaha very funny.. i didn't knw that one...😒😒
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    @hack a viola of that colour would be interesting

    Great files on the desktop btw
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    @electrineer haha 😁
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