The iOS DevRant app is so bad, sometimes it just crashes when I try to open a rant... wth DevRant how can you fuck this up so badly?

I submitted to the bug reporter many times and they don’t do much...

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    They probably fixed the bug in 5 min, but they can't get it approved by the apple store, for the last 2 weeks.
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    They have day jobs, and theres only 2 of them. Cut the guys some slack.
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    @LLAMS wait, they’re 2 guys?

    I retract everything I said.

    Good job, may god have mercy on their soul. Thank you for making DevRant a possibility!
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    “Sometimes”??? I experience it several times EVERYDAY and tbh I have started using the app less now because of the annoyance
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    @scout yeah, you’re quite right. It’s still annoying, no matter if it’s 2 devs or 1,000...
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    @LesMore hell yeah! A DevRant app in SwiftUI? Count me in.
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