Lost 2 days with a non-highlighted error.
Vanilla JS:
Calling a function with a lower case character which shouldn't be lowercase.
I didn't never understood why neither VSCode nor Chrome showed the error.

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    Add typescript to the project, but don't wire it up to your build process. Even with pure vanillajs, its language service will call out the error and surface it in most IDEs.
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    @SortOfTested but the strange thing is that "getArticlelist" (with lowercase 'l') should raise a "getArticlelist is not a function" error.
    Instead I got this: 🖕
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    @trick0 Share the code please, I would be interested in havin' a looksie
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    Why back in my day we didn’t even have syntax highlighting, and everything we wrote was in notepad!

    We were glad when there was even a hint of documentation. It took me months to learn the name for a radio button!

    You young whippersnappers and your two days wasted on some fancy colors we never even had. How about you use your real debuggers: your eyes!
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    I walked three miles through the snow just to get to the spot where the punch cards went in. Then it was another 3 miles in non-euclidean space to get to the build terminal!
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    @SortOfTested @theuser Ow, that was really nothing special:
    Just calling getArticlelist instead of getArticleList, the struggle was that usually that error is easily reported and I, a stupid dumbass, didn't think to check for a typo 🤣
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    Tried in Firefox? I've noticed that Chromium quite often doesn't point to the correct line or says it's an 'anonymous function' while its not.

    Firefox hasn't don't this yet, in my case.
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