Been trying to learn component-oriented programming to develop front ends for a year but still can't get beyond a simple app or game. Specifically, I have been learning Vue on YouTube, Vue Mastery, and multiple other blog posts.

Any recommendations or maybe new methods of learning?

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    I can only speak for myself, but I definitely experience the same if I try to follow guides and tutorials where it's as if I'm spending most of the time confirming what I know.

    For me, the best way I learn is to dig into a bigger project where I have to solve issues as a means to that end. I know I've had a productive day when I end up with a few dozen stackoverflow tabs and I feel like redoing everything with what I've learned.
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    When I thought myself Vue i just watched one or two crash course type if videos and the built a few (useless) apps. I also had 2 weeks to learn it (with no experience in a js framework) for a job so maybe that helped...
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    @pythondev @M1sf3t I did have some js and mediocre python experience. I made the usual stuff like ex. a todo list app. If you're on android there is a good app called "Idea Bag 2" which had a lot of different smaller project ideas.
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    Official docs dude.
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    Come up with something you want to build and start building it with Vue, google-fu when you get stuck and before you know it, you get better at Vue by the day. If you have trouble initializing a Vue project (or wrapping your head around a solid project structure), try starting with Nuxt. It creates the structure and most of the boilerplate for you, so you can concentrate on other stuff.

    Also, Vue documentation is AMAZING. I learned Vue by being thrown to the deep end of the Vue pool (i.e. transferred to a project where Vue was used w/o prior Vue knowledge), and I learned it by just reading the docs and doing (trial & error).
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