This is not a rant, but I've searched this for some time now and can't seem to find it so maybe any of you will be able to help me.

A good few years ago, when I was still a 4-5yo I had a Win95/98 (I don't remember which). We used to have this CD that had a bunch of games, like Chucky Egg or Mahjong, or a xmas-related one (where you could bake cookies, serve drinks - there was a red and a yellow one - and more I don't remember), one with a (purple?) dragon (in a dungeon, that was played in levels, but every run was randomly generated, I think), and many more.
The CD was white with black text, and had a yellow-ish/orange-ish grinning face, that looked like a man's, with a few hairs, that was drawn simply, nothing too complex. I also know there was this one game that made the computer/game freeze, and that was in a blue palette?

I played the crap out of that CD with my mom, and she used to play the dragon one for me (until she found out Mahjong), but it all ended when it broke inside the tower and we had it replaced by the WinXP tower we currently have at home (and that's in pieces because me and my brother disassembled it).

I know it's not much, but does any of you remember anything like what I just wrote? It should be from around the 2000s and probably from a gaming magazine.

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    Post it at http://gaming.stackexchange.com there's a higher chance someone will know that, but that's also only "maybe". I'd go search at https://www.gog.com too.
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    Just acquire an emulator, failing that a lot of retro games are in HTML 5 now, google HTML 5 chuckie egg.
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    @KeyWeeUsr Thanks for the websites :D
    Yeah, I'm gonna try to ask there too, even though I don't think it'll do much. The nostalgia though
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    @philcr I'm looking for that specific CD though, not only 1 game, since I used to play the dragon and the xmas ones a lot. The Chuckie Egg and Mahjong games were only for ref, mostly, but who knows how many CDs had those games, so it's vague, but I don't really remember much else
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    @DotM compilation DVD / CDs there have been so many over the years. You might be better trying to find the individual parts of the compilation
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