Hummm, why it's slower to save the image than load the image in devRant?

Because of that, i perfer to take a screenshot to save it....

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    Internets, mostly.
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    Sticking with the weekly topic, have we considered getting rid of the dependency on internet?
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    It may be your internet
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    I think it's not... it's always true under both Wi-Fi and Cellular Data, I ping'd devrant dot com, 300ms in average...

    oh, and, i'm in China mainland, is it related to this?
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    I'm surprised they allow this app through the great firewall at all.

    I will refrain from posting Winnie the Pooh memes.
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    Saving images causes the app to watermark it with "found on devrant"
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    For example.
    Sorry first image down the feed.
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    @C0D4 Got it. Thanks a lot👍
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    @C0D4 that should most probably be the reason

    Also, one would wonder why add a watermark on a picture that is partially lossy ;-)
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    This is turned out that

    When loading the image, it uses (sub domain "image")$rant/$image_path

    But when downloading, it uses $rant/download
    which means the server has changed the output stream before sending image data...

    And as @C0D4 said, it added watermarks to the image.
    It can be a long-time process because the source is in JPEG format but the server converted it into PNG format when getting '$rant/download'.

    I think the server does a "linear & dynamic coverting" to avoid Disk I/O
    May be not the smartest way....

    (Thinking about adding the watermarks before uploading?)
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