I hate framework lock in.

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    That other framework is always better...
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    That not the main problem I have with the framework.

    I know how to make it work simply but in order to do it with the framework , I need to add a lot boilerplate code and configuration crap in name of "efficiency"

    When I decided to scrap the framework , I cannot easily do it because the framework code is literally scatter around in whole project.
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    @M1sf3t I am not JS developer but it look interesting.
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    @M1sf3t No need to be sorry. I like learning new things. Who doesn't?
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    @M1sf3t pulled the phoenix again? :)
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    @netikras phoenix? What is phoenix (other than the immortal fire bird) ?
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    @mr-user that's exactly what it is :) Bursts into flames and reborns from its ashes. Isn't that what @m1sf3t did?
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    Frameworks are intended to give employers extra flexibility copy-pasting their employees. It increases THEIR productivity and YOUR obsolesence.
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    I like no framework
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