"Most ignorant ask from a PM or client?"

I'm going to just say generally any ask with "a lack of effort".

1. Stuff like urgent / angry emails about stuff that already exists... like man if you're going to be a jerk in the email at least look first ...

2. Requests that aren't thought through. "I need X to happen." , "So you want X to happen?", "Oh gawd no, only when Y and Z and ... some other vague stuff!"

3. Requests with incomplete sentences... hard to do a thing without a verb or noun or both.

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    Example :

    Client : here is my Excel file with DATA. You need to match it to existing data in software and import it. Replace existing data with new data from Excel.

    If the <thiung> doesn't exists in software but exists in Excel, you still need to add it, but without creating "thing" in software.

    Sure, I'll just disable all contrants in database just for you....
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    I need you to all the things! By end of day! PSEFORMANFE REVIEWA ARE COMING UP REMEMBWR!
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    @Root But our sprint ? We'll need to move some tasks in this case.
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