Straight from a marketing analyst (we didn't have a PM) I once had the displeasure of working with:

"Can you write a JavaScript that will scan a user's hard drive for credit card numbers and autofill the checkout form on our client's web site? I think it will increase their conversion rate."

The guy didn't believe me when I told him it was impossible (barring exploits that would break the browser's sandbox), unethical, and probably illegal. I had to escalate all the way to the CEO to get him to drop it.

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    I mean it would be nice feature for me as a user ... kind of ... except for, you know..
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    The gist of the 'idea' isn't bad ... like in theory.

    Not having to enter in info you enter in your computer all the time.

    That's kinda what google wallet or whatever single payment system out there does allow for.

    Of course just scanning for it is kinda crazy and makes me wonder about how they came to that idea:

    Does that person keep all their credit card info stored in files that they wrote on their HDD?

    Maybe they were thinking about other sties they visit ... maybe not.
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    @Jedidja where on a hard drive do you have you credit card numbers? Makes one wonder....
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    The next feature request:
    “Could you make it auto-click the submit order button, too? You know, after sitting there awhile so we know the user actually wanted to purchase it.”
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    I would totally trust a website which autofills my credit card information...great idea!
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    Please stand by while we look in the entire universe to find your credit card number.

    This won’t take long...
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