Coding is not the solution to unemployment or gender inequality... This what the MF don't understand.... Until you create a better Sys and population is controlled and there is cultural evaluation. - you MF are just running a circus show.

Every MF want to jump into the bandwagon of cheap CSR - "hey we are empowering people by teaching people how to develop a website , aren't we good peopLE 😊"
Lol like programming is fucking open source, you don't need to teach people, anyone interested can learn it , and they are billion FREE RESOURCES out here for them to learn, so why not just fucking focus on doing something significant than clowning around "become a dev ".
Fuck havard, fuck Google fuck KMPG fuck the fucking dumb Government fuck youth empowerment📌

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    It just irritating watching the whole fuckinh circus show.
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    Low-hanging fruit.
    They can appear to care without actually putting in much effort or making any real difference.

    If you look carefully, you’ll see this pattern basically everywhere you look.
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    Tech will deliver gender and race equality the way it delivered the 3-day working week.
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    @Root AKA "virtue signalling".
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