That's good, Windows; don't actually fix the problem, just restart it... 😐

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    "Tried turning it off and on again?" - Most used answer known to any IT guy
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    Let's be honest, if it tried to fix the problem it'd just become more fucked up
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    You can just stop using Windows, and install a linux #simplethings
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    I love these. Two things:

    First, insert witty joke about Microsoft automating level one support.

    How to Get 30-100 pts on DevRant
    These posts go something like [1 windows rant].. [2 general agreement]...[3 Install Linux!!]...[4 MacOS forever screw Linux!]. (end) the 3-4 loop determined your ultimate gain!

    For max points throw in a jab about gaming on Linux or USB ports on Mac lol it'll take you straight from 50 to 100 overnight 😝
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    you forgot the part.. "for you". So that you don't have to do anything but just to pray. πŸ™
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    But the sad emoticon face let's you know that they feel your pain :(. So..you know..that makes it better.

    When I first installed Windows 8. It attempted to update and the OS froze. Then it restarted itself and got stuck in a restart loop of trying to startup then showing this sad emoticon and then restarting again. Each time it came up it felt like it was mocking me...
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    Well most of the time this is caused by either hardware problems or third party driver. There's no reason why windows should bother other than restarting it because that's the best an OS can do at this point to return it back to working condition.
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    "We'll restart for you?!" Are you supposed to say "oh, you're so sweet Windows" to that?
    What is this, they try to be interactive? What's wrong with click the thing for a restart?

    Man, I'm ranting like fire!
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