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    The university exam - describe the complexity of binary search and provide pseudo code for best and worst case
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    @zavr is been a long time for some people the university...
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    This is just a funny meme but it's not wrong, and it makes me think if we should reconsider how we deal with interviews.

    I'm thinking maybe something more practical and realistic? You'd give the interviewee to implement a feature into an existing code base in some amount of time? Something that he might expect in the job?

    I know some interviews include demo apps from the interviewee (we/I don't because I don't think that's all that useful)

    I'm somewhat interested in the subject on how we can spot good programmers better.

    Im always asking for existing personal projects of *any* kind but a stunning amount of people that look for a job in programming never programmed other than in school. So there has to be some other fast way to tell. Shit like "invert a binary tree" tells you nothing if he knows it from school, and It's not trivial enough to give you insight into the guys thinking process either if he doesn't know

    I end up asking generic stuff if the person literally has nothing
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    @Hazarth Yeah, I strongly think something like https://gist.github.com/getify/... would lead to better outcomes. I haven't tried it yet tho (but that may be the case if I need to recruit someone).
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