Finally got around to installing Manjaro Linux (XFCE) on my desktop, which is replacing Ubuntu.

I’ve always looked at Manjaro and experimented with it, but I’m more experienced with Linux now, and I am hella enjoying Manjaro. Definitely my fav distro.

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    @M1sf3t so why void Linux if you don’t mind me asking, and is it an option to get some cheap laptop and put it on that?
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    Elementary os ftw
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    @M1sf3t do you mean multiple monitors? Because I never had any problems with multiple desktops
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    @M1sf3t @Bubbles

    Void is great.
    I'd even go as far as to call it the best distro around these days.
    It puts big efforts into being cross platform, standards compliant and KISS.
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    @M1sf3t I never used multiple monitors because of my eye problems. Never had a multiple desktop problems in my entire life, on any kind of linux. Wtf do you need to code in your app to mess up so badly?
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    @M1sf3t that’s good but it doesn’t work when just moving your eyes is painful for you. I work on small screen only, I can’t move my eyes around a big screen. I have to keep the entire screen in focus so I don’t have to move my eyes. 12 inch MacBook is the only device suitable. Exceptionally good screen but it’s also small.

    I want dual OptiFine setup but damn it’s painful
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    @M1sf3t it’s painful even if there’s no screen at all. Even when I’m walking on the street I’m always moving my whole head.
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    @M1sf3t that’s a balance debuff for you for being too hot. Otherwise you’d be imbalanced, just too good. That’s unfair to others :)
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    @M1sf3t oh well void sounds nice then, I’ve always heard about it and I might try it in a vm or sumn.

    @uyouthe I HATE Elementary lmao

    @metamourge the best? Woah that’s putting a lot of faith in that distro
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    @Bubbles elementary saved me and cared about me when no one else did. You also talk hella lot of shit for a dude in a cumshot distance
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    @uyouthe Oh my 😘
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